Greetings. I would like to express my thanks for the services rendered to me with patience and seriousness in all the processes of negotiations. Also, it was a great pleasure to visit their offices in Kissimmee, Florida. Let me reiterate my interest to further strengthen the business relationship we have established.

Climaco T.

MPO Concrete – Columbia

We certify that the company JED Alliance Group, Inc., Orlando, FL maintained successful business relationships with our company to supply construction machinery. So far, the company has shown excellent business management, and we recommend them as such. They stand out for their reliability, performance and quality in the products offered.


OTIP C.A. – Venezuela

JED Alliance Group, Inc. of Orlando, FL, has a business relationship with us that stands out for its trading relationship, order fulfilment, and good service. They are recommended for future business.


Tecnodina – Columbia

In reference to the business we’ve done with you, I must express our satisfaction with the friendliness and professionalism in which all aspects, from technical questions to the full details, were handled. I want to thank you for your attention and will definitely work with you in future business.



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