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Different Kinds of used Concrete Trailer Pumps for Sale


  • Come with a warranty
  • Rarely have any defects
  • Can operate for a really long time without too much maintenance until the damage catches up with it

Cost and Depreciation

  • Cost is extremely high
  • Going to take a few years before you can actually break even.

Used Equipmentconcrete pump repairs

Used equipment is just used piece of equipment that somebody has that is no longer using it, who has no intentions of using it, or has been giving him problems or whatever reason and this person wants to get rid of it, wants to unload it on someone. That someone better know what he purchasing because he could be purchasing a headache. He could be acquiring somebody else’s headache. This buyer needs to have a shop, needs to have a mechanic in order to work on this unit because you are inheriting all the errors from the previous operator, all the beating that the previous operator gave the machine. So in essence, you are kind of buying yourself a job.


Refurbished doesn’t mean ‘paint and let it go’. Refurbished doesn’t mean: “Oh, I changed the piston cups”. Refurbishing means a complete tear down of the whole unit. That is what JED Alliance Group sells. We basically sell refurbished, completely stripped down equipment. So what I mean by refurbished by us, it means that we inspect the unit when it comes in, we make a parts take off. After the parts take off, we go ahead and disassemble the whole machine, take the whole machine completely apart. We flow test the hydraulic pump. We compression test the Diesel engine. We make sure that there are no major leaks or damages on our used Concrete Trailer Pumps for Sale.

You can only go so far with this. You cannot go too much because it is going to get too crazy on the price. But you don’t want to do too little that it is not even worth it. So we have to keep a middle point. Some of the assemblies on these machines are going to be used. But most of the main work components are going to be brand new. I mean about 85-90% of them are going to be replaced. Meaning, wear plates, wear rings, cutting plates, scratch cutting rings, kidney seals, auger bearings, agitator bearings, inlet bearings, piston cups, material cylinders, and everything else that moves like the arm, the shift over arm, the shift in cylinders, differential cylinders — all of those things are thoroughly inspected.

Once this has been disassembled, we get the parts in, we know the pump is good, we know the engine is good, we know the chassis and the axels are good, then we will start assembling everything back, putting everything back together, And as we go, we test every component. Once those things are done, we put it all together. Now, we pressure test it. We put water in it, we reduce the outlet size to about a quarter of an inch and we pump through this little whole basically a full hopper at full speed with full pressure on the hydraulic pump. Once we’re satisfied that this test is good, we send it out to paint.

That is the last step. It is the last thing we do. We basically sand blast it completely. We don’t paint on top of concrete. You don’t do that. You sand blast these units. You apply a very nice primer on it so rust doesn’t come back up. And then, you put your nice enamel coat of paint on it. Once it has been painted, it has been sealed, you now bring it back to the shop and you do the little extra things that got damaged by the sand blasting. So you fix those little things, you reconnect cables and you put the whole unit in 100% condition.

Once that is done, you do an additional water and pressure test on this unit and you do one additional pre-delivery inspection — basically, one quick overview inspection of the whole unit. Once we are satisfied, the unit is ready to be delivered.

Is it going to be perfect? No. It is not going to be perfect. It might have some hiccups. It is a used piece of equipment, regardless. It has got new components, it has been tested, and we do our job with integrity. However, they are still used pieces that are bound to break.

Do you need a shop with this machine like you need with a used machine? No. You just need tools. With the new one, you don’t need nothing but you have to have money. With then second one, used, you need a shop and a mechanic. With the third option, buying refurbished used Concrete Trailer Pumps for Sale from JED all you need is tools.

That is what we offer — a refurbished piece of equipment that you can fix with tools. You don’t need a big expensive shop to work on these pumps. All you need is just tools.

Basically, when the machine is not perfect — say, something happens, a hiccup happens, something breaks is bound to happen. Are we going to run away? No. We’ve been here for 12 years and we’re going to be here for another 12 easily.


So we are always here to support all of our customers. We have a very knowledgeable staff starting from sales to our post sales service, we offer the whole thing. If you ever need parts, we got it. If you ever need primers, we got it. If you ever need hoses, we got it. If you ever need assistance, we can provide you with that. Now, this is no warranty per se. The warranty on these machines applies mainly to the parts that we replaced. Since we buy them new from the factory, those parts come with a factory warranty.

Another thing we do for all of our customers is record the whole session once we deliver it. We will give you 2 to 3 free hours of basic stuff that you need to do to maintain your pump, stuff that you need to do to be able to pump your regular jobs. All these information we try to compile it all in space of 2 to 3 hours. Customers ask questions. We answer all kinds of question. We basically go from A to Z on this whole process. We create a video on it. We record the whole session. We compress it, we put it on YouTube and we send it to our customers. Because the main idea is to have used concrete trailer pumps for sale that have the best quality in the market. A job done with integrity. A job well-done.

Used Concrete Trailer Pumps For Sale

Used concrete trailer pumps for sale for the construction industry – we offer a wide variety of refurbished trailer pumps. We stock brands like Schwing, Putzmeister, Reed & Mayco. All our units have been thoroughly inspected and restored to factory standards.

The main part of the restoration starts at the actual purchase. We don’t allow ourselves to purchase units that are too far gone, or that have defects that might affect the good working order of the unit in years to come.

All units go through a stripping-down process that eliminates any unforeseen damages. Then one of our technicians proceeds with the actual inspection of each moving part and the assemblies. In doing this, he creates a work and parts order for our purchasing department.

Once all the parts have arrived at our facilities in Kissimmee, FL, our team of experts proceed to install each assembly to factory specifications. We also drain all main lines of old fluids and scrape any reservoir tanks.

When the actual mechanical work has been done, we then go ahead and pressure test the whole unit, making sure that no visible leaks are present during our testing. This can take up to 2 hours. When our team is satisfied with the current condition, we send the unit for body work, sand blasting and painting. Using ONLY enamel high-quality paint products.

We believe in long-term customer relations and have built great success on the back of it. Transparency is key, and it is our core business model.