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Review: Flatbed Putzmeister TK70 Ready for Delivery

Flatbed Putzmeister TK70 Ready for Delivery: Flatbed Putzmeister TK70 Ready for Delivery Good Afternoon. This is Ed Salazar with JED Alliance Group. Today I am going to show you guys, after all this hard work, what we have completed on the Flatbed Putzmeister TK70 concrete pump. So let me show you what we got going […]

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New Zealand Tips: Buying a concrete pump from the United States

Concrete Pumps For Sale New Zealand Concrete pumps for sale New Zealand. Call us today on +64 9-886 0541  for a free quote, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. When you consider importing concrete equipment into your country, a wide variety of questions start to unfold: Who to buy from? How do I pay for the […]

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Caterpillar Operator, ONLY 6 Years Old

Watch the video below as a 6-year-old Caterpillar operator and his older brother take turns operating a Caterpillar machine like a pro at a real construction site. This video was sent to us by one of our JED Alliance customers from Honduras. This dad takes pride in teaching his young children how to operate ANY […]

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Concrete Pump Repair: Revive Worn-Out Machines

Concrete pump repair can bring almost any pump back to life. Given the right technician with the right skills and experience, it can look and work like brand new no matter what was wrong with it. Fire damage, blown hydraulic system, traffic accident, old age, or even vandalism… we can restore it. Concrete Pump Repair […]

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Restored Concrete Pumps For Sale: What and Where to Buy?

JED Alliance Group specializes in restored concrete pumps for sale. Their technicians restore all types of concrete equipment daily. Our state-of-the-art facility is located in the state of Florida. Our dedicated team has been pioneers in completely refurbishing concrete pumps and cement trucks. JED Alliance uses the latest systems to ensure the quality of our […]

A Simple Thing Like This Can Stop You from Pumping

I have encountered this problem that can stop you from pumping a few times with customers. They get their pump fully restored and are ready to pump concrete. The concrete arrives at the job site and they start pumping. Everything is working under normal conditions and then all of a sudden, they are stopped right […]

Replacing Piston Cups on Concrete Pumps – What To Know

Replacing piston cups on concrete pumps can be done in a variety of ways. At JED Alliance, we specialize in the restoration of concrete equipment. So we replace piston cups frequently and have developed our recommended method to replace mud cups safely. To avoid accidents, we recommend taking the utmost precaution when working on hydraulic parts, […]

Concrete Pump Accumulator Bottles

Tips on Working With Concrete Pump Accumulator Bottles VIDEO POST – You must properly charge accumulator bottles with nitrogen to avoid damage to the bladder and ultimately the main pump. The video below answers some questions from one of our JED Alliance customers. Comment at the end of this post with your tips on handing […]

Types of Concrete Pumps – how to choose

There are many types of concrete pump. After all, they are the most efficient way to place concrete for a construction project. These ingenious machines make it possible to raise the cement material to heights that fuel the imagination of skyscraper engineers and developers. High-pressure pumps with booms and long lines enable pouring of concrete beyond […]

How to Increase Used Concrete Pump Pressure Capacity

Do you want to increase your used concrete pump pressure? All pumps’ pumping capacity is directly related to the aggregate capacity and the pistons’ strokes per minute. A concrete pump produces the same pressure whether working with its maximum aggregate size or a smaller aggregate. Increase Used Concrete Pump Pressure According to statistics compiled, if you require […]