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The Best Used Concrete Pumps in the Market

JED Alliance Group has a large inventory of used concrete mixer trucks and concrete pumps for sale. We specialize in concrete equipment, searching the globe for the best used Mack cement trucks and Schwing, Putzmeister, Mayco, Reed, and other high-quality concrete pump brands.

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We ship all used trucks and pumps to our state-of-the-art facility in Orlando, FL., where we have refined our process to ensure that each unit is fully restored. Our trained our technicians replace all wearable parts; fresh paint and original brand decals are applied after sandblasting and priming to protect the like-new paint job for years.

Concrete Pump and Truck Authoritiesus authority reseller used concrete mixer truck and concrete pumps

Most North and South American heavy equipment brokers advertise our concrete pumps, concrete boom trucks and concrete mixer trucks on their websites.

Why? Because we carry the most extensive inventory of concrete pumps and concrete-related machinery in the country. We are THE concrete equipment authority in the USA, exporting globally.

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Our company’s leadership has a combined experience of 30+ years in construction equipment buying, selling, operating and refurbishing. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right concrete pump or cement mixer truck that meets your needs. Then we’ll ship it to you in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Our export specialists oversee the dismantling, crating, customs clearance and shipping from start to finish. We can even finance your like-new concrete pump or concrete mixer truck.

Your purchase from JED Alliance is completely streamlined… just buy, receive, and get to work!

The Restoration Processconcrete mixer truck and pump restoration

In our state-of-the-art facilities in Orlando, FL, USA, we steam wash, sand blast, repair, and paint every used concrete pump or mixer truck we place for sale in our inventory. We refurbish Schwing, Putzmeister, Mayco, Reed, Mack and other high-quality brands of used concrete placement equipment.

Want to get the value of buying used machines, but do not want to deal with the potential headaches that this could cause? Then our restored and fully inspected concrete pumps and concrete mixer trucks are for you. In many cases, we can even test it on a job site before shipping it out to you.

Ask for the concrete equipment you need from us, and we will finance it and ship it to you without delays. Our knowledgeable sales team makes your shopping experience easier, and you can start working on your projects for your customers sooner. We help you find the solution for your business needs.

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How do we deliver value to our customers?

Many buyers nowadays are using the internet to make their purchasing decisions, from amazon, ebay, to looking at a concrete pump for sale in craigslist. The main difference between this option, and buying one of our used concrete trailer pumps for sale is that  when you purchase directly from an owner/company operator, they actually want to get rid of the machine for a reason. Always ask yourself, If the guy is still pumping, why he doesn’t keep the machine?

The pumps we sell are fully reconditioned machines, these pumps have been tested and are ready to work. We also ensure that your investment is safe with us. We have been here for many years and will continue to be here for many more. Our company has been rated “A+”  by the Better Business Bureau for more than 10 years in a row

The core idea of our business comes from working with integrity. That is the main business model — to work with integrity is to say the truth always, no matter what.

The same thing happens when you look for a concrete pump for sale in craigslist, or when we bring this equipment in. We’re always told by the owner who sold it to us that the machine was in perfect condition and nothing needed to be done to it. But we always find that most of the times, this is inaccurate. Sometimes we purchase equipment that needs a lot of attention and we have to replace everything starting from the engine all the way down to the tires. However, we don’t do this to others (our customers). Our idea is to change that kind of way, to change that kind of behavior.

Concrete Pump Refurbishingconcrete pump for sale in craigslist

We break the behavior. When we buy it, we know there are some risks associated with it. After all these years doing the same thing, we have learned how to price them correctly. This way, we also can provide you a fair price for a very good piece of equipment fixed correctly. See Our AMAZING Reviews Here

We offer value by teaching every single thing we know about the machine to our customers. We provide value by showing you exactly how to use it and giving you the tools so you can succeed. Like video recordings on how to operate your exact machine, how to maintain it, how to clean it and how to address issues that might come up. This kind of service you don’t get when you purchase a concrete pump for sale in craigslist.

We provide value by helping you acquire financing if that is what you need. And in some cases, we will even go with you to some pump jobs to allow you to feel more comfortable with what you’re doing.

Concrete Pumping is not necessarily an easy business but it is very rewarding. And it gets even more rewarding if you have a piece of equipment that is not giving you headaches, along with having a company to backs you up, and that it always stands behind you if anything was to happen.


When our customers need support as far as the equipment goes, we are always there for them. If you have a question, we will always answer the phones. And if you need parts, accessories, pipes, hoses, or anything necessary for the right operation of you Concrete Pumping business, we will be there for you too.

Most of the times and the majority of our sales are to out of state and of the country customers. We have a department dedicated to shipping and delivering concrete equipment with utmost care. With an department of exportation experts. Our company have shipped equipment to many countries around the world and it has always been 100% successful.

We always put the interest of our customers first when thinking about whether the customer should come pick up the equipment or would it work better to ship it to him.

Also, in the future, when it is time to maybe acquire another pump, we hope to be there for you guys too.

Bottom Line of buying a concrete pump for sale in craigslist

Quality, commitment, Integrity and an awesome customer experience. These are the  real differences in buying one of the used concrete pumps for sale from our company, and buying a used concrete pump for sale in craigslist