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Why JED Alliance? Look:

  • Our qualified personnel inspect each piece of Used Concrete pumps for sale
  • See the largest inventory of concrete pumps for sale in the United States
  • See the HD pictures and videos. What you see, is what you actually get.
  • Exclusive JED Alliance LIVE internet demonstration of concrete equipment for sale.
  • Buy with Confidence with our JED Quality Assurance

Bottom line

JED Alliance Group is the premier company offering restored used concrete pumps for sale. our team are pioneers in the process of complete refurbishment of concrete equipment. using the latest systems and techniques to ensure the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. We buy used Putzmeister, Schwing, Mayco, Reed, and other reliable brands of pumps and fully restore them to help you get your job done at an affordable investment. Also we offer concrete mixer trucks, fully refurbished and ready to roll and mix.

JED Alliance has one of the largest inventories of concrete pumps for sale in all the United States. This variety enables us to serve a wide range of needs for the concrete pumping industry. Besides having a huge selection of equipment available. We make sure that this selection is as diverse as possible, from small rock pumps “ball” valve, to the big “S” valves and “Rock” valves. We have them all available.

The Restoration Process, Here is the story:

From the starting point of the initial machine inspection, we make sure that every component in the used concrete pumps that we sell is in perfect working order before placing the concrete pump for sale. We inspect, repair, and replace all wearable parts in each pump or truck’s electrical system, emergency devices, frame and sub frame, axles, hydraulic systems, and engine compression. Our experienced mechanics meticulously examine each part using our exclusive 90-point “standard JED inspection” process. The is how we ensure we deliver real value in the piece of refurbished concrete pump you are purchasing.

After all parts are replaced and systems confirmed to be working in top form. All our units are refined with the beautiful paint jobs and original manufacturer stickers. Our state-of-the-art sandblasting and paint shop is considered one of the biggest and most advanced in Florida. Our investment in the best processes and well-trained technicians ensure the finished product is a concrete pump or mixer truck that that is second to none in reliability and it looks brand new, too.

What is different about JED Alliance’s concrete pumps and mixer trucks?

  • We FULLY RESTORE and test every one of our used concrete pumps for sale and cement mixer truck we offer for sale in our refurbished inventory
  • We can test equipment at job sites BEFORE you buy, if needed
  • We are the concrete pump authority in the US, with the most inventory available
  • We are a privately owned company with state-of-the-art facilities in Orlando, FL, USA
  • We own an extensive inventory of concrete pumps and mixer trucks
  • Some of our top brands: Putzmeister, Schwing, Mayco, Reed, Mack, and others
  • We own our entire concrete equipment inventory, we are NOT A BROKER, and we stand behind the quality of every unit we sell
  • We offer competitive prices for high quality used concrete Pumps for Sale
  • We simplify your buying and selling experience no matter where your business is located because we are import and export experts

Why Buy Your Used Concrete pumps for sale From Us?

Our management believe in and have built great success with long-term customer relations. We believe transparency is key and it is our core business model.

Our team strives to earn your business by being the best at what we do, always using our good judgment to refurbish each pump or truck. Jed Alliance Group do not cut corners or skip steps in our processes. We use ONLY original spare parts. Since we are concrete pumpers ourselves,  our staff understands the high demands placed on concrete equipment. Also we ensure each concrete pump or cement mixer truck is ready to perform at its best when it arrives at your job.

Because we own our entire inventory of used concrete pumps for sale, such as trailer and boom truck pumps as well as mixer trucks. We can work seamlessly with you to select, test, finance, and ship your concrete pump or mixer truck to you. Our team eliminates many of the hassles of buying used construction equipment. Our company works with banks that offer convenient financing with standard terms and conditions. And export arrangements are easy when you buy from us.

Want to Sell Your Concrete Equipment?

Call JED Alliance first! We not only have used concrete pumps for sale and mixer trucks, but we also buy direct from equipment owners like you who are ready to replace or upgrade. We buy hundreds of units every year. Buying direct allows us to offer you the best price IN CASH on the market, regardless of age, make, hours, or mechanical condition of your used pump or mixer truck. That makes JED Alliance the best place to sell your heavy equipment without brokers or commissions.

We buy:

  • Most models of Schwing and Putzmeister concrete line pumps for sale and concrete boom pumps for sale
  • Many models of Reed, Olin, and other trailer pump brands
  • Most models of Mack concrete mixer trucks.
  • Let us know about your Used Concrete pump for sale, and we will give you a purchase price right away

Construction on the Rise and Why Owning a Concrete Pump Makes Financial Sense Right Now

Basically everywhere in America there is construction going on in every single corner. There are new housing developments, new commercial developments, and new big industrial developments and of every single one of these there is going to be a need to move concrete material from one place to another. Therefore, you can use several techniques to move these concretes. You can use wheelbarrows, you can basically tailgate the concrete directly from the mixer truck into each of these sites where you are going to be pouring concrete to. However, there is going to be some areas that are going to be very hard to reach and dumping concretes is not just going to be feasible hence, we offer used concrete pumps for sale.


With this rise, there is also a rising need for good concrete pumping services. It is just a part of the concrete industry now. So concrete pumping companies are very profitable because the expenses are not necessarily huge, however, if you don’t know what you are doing, it can get out of hand. Let me explain that a little bit.

The expenses as far as running the business are not very high. You can definitely run this company with one operator, a couple of thousand dollars’ worth of hoses and a new piece of equipment or buy any of our used concrete pumps for sale, a used truck and that will suffice.

So that is not so unattainable and that is a cost that you can depreciate on your taxes. It is just something that is not hugely expensive. And it is not so labor-intensive because normally, the costumer who calls you is the one doing the actual labor.

So the real problems that come with this kind of business are:

1) The operating processes.

2) The labor that you have to employ in order to operate that equipment.

If you were the operator, if you are owner-operator, then you are going to be fine as long as you know what you are doing. If you are taking care of your machine and if you know what kind of concrete is going through your machine, if you know what kind of hoses you are going to be using at a specific pour, then you’ll be fine. But if you have somebody who is not taking care of your machine, who is not greasing the machine properly, who is just not washing it out properly, it will hurt you for sure. It will cost you tens of thousands of dollars if not more. If you employ somebody who is not responsible and does not arrive on time to your job site, your customers are going to basically steer away from you. If you have somebody who is not responsible and comes to work maybe drunk and kills somebody driving on the street, you are liable for that loss. So the last thing you want to do is maybe get in over your head with this kind of stuff.

I do not recommend that you just, from the beginning, allow somebody else to operate your machine. I recommend to go in it yourself, go and pump it yourself, go learn everything single thing that needs to be learned. That way you can implement controls that will keep this future employee in check, and you yourself become an employee of your own company and you yourself control every little aspect on yourself that you want to control for others in the future.

With this rise in construction and this rising need of a concrete pump for sale, it also comes with huge opportunity, huge opportunity for many people in many states, in many cities across the United States and even across the world.

But in order to seize this opportunity, you have to have the right tools at your disposal. You have to have the right concrete pump. You have to have the right people. You have to have the right processes, the right training. You even have to have the right attitude towards this.

Before Looking for Used Concrete Pumps for Sale:

So the first thing you want to do is to start looking in your area to see what kind of market there is for these pumps. In some markets, for example Florida, not a whole lot of people pumps with concrete trailer pumps. Most people like to use ball pumps because they don’t like to move hoses around.

Then after you find that out and then you say: “What if I bring a trailer pump into this market?” What are going to be your competitive advantages over somebody else that also has established that business in the same state? “I’m going to maybe use a bigger pump that can do more complicated things.” Okay, well then that is your competitive advantage. How are you going to market that advantage? Are you going to open a website? Are you going to visit concrete plants? Are you going to be using sales people? What do you plan to do with this?

Next thing you need to do once you kind of establish in your head what is available to you in this market, you start a company. Start this company up. That is the main thing you got to do. You start it out because if you don’t start it, you might never get going. This is the first step to get anything going. You need to start this company. You need to give it a name. You need to give it a body. You need to, in a way, picture it as if it already exists in order to make anything happen.

So once you start your company, you look: “Okay, I said that I was going to do very specialized kind of concrete.” Let’s say: “I’m going to be doing all the jobs that are 300 or 400 linear ft away and above.” So if that is the case then you are going to need a hydraulic pump.

If you say: “You know what, I’m just going to do laying holes, I’m just going to fill block, I’m just going to do little slabs and stuff like that”, then you can use a mechanical pump which is a lot cheaper.

So once you define which way you want to go, now you say: “I’m going to go into the hydraulic pump industry”. Now with that hydraulic pump, you need to now make a bunch of choices. What kind of aggregate are you going to be pumping? Are you going to be pumping 1/2 inch? Are you going to be pumping 3/4? What is it that you’re going to be pumping?

“Well, I’m going to pump 3/4 inch because that was everybody uses around here.” Then you’re going to need big hoses for that. If you are going to stay within the 1/2 inch or less, or blended mix, then you can use 2 inches which is the most recommended size of hose here in the United States. So let’s say you do decide to move forward with the 1/2 inch, then you go ahead and buy or plan to purchase all you 2 inch houses. Now you know you’re going to need 2 inch hoses so you need a hydraulic pump, you can now decide what kind of brand do I want for a concrete pump.

Well, there are several different brands. There is Putzmeister. There is Schwing. There is Reid. There is Mayco. There is Olin. There is a bunch of others that kind of cover the market but the main ones are those right there. And let’s say you decide to go with a Schwing or a Putzmeister. Now you’re going to say: “If I’m going to pump 1/2 inch, should I buy an S Tube or should I buy a ball valve?”

“Well, I’m never going to be doing big rock because I just decided to buy the 2 inch hose. So why would I need such a big machine like an S tube machine which has so many moving parts? Maybe let me just go with a cheaper option, which is still expensive because it is a hydraulic, but it is a cheaper option, a hydraulic ball valve pump.”

Buying Used concrete pumps for sale


Now we know that you want a Putzmeister, you’re going to be doing 2 inches and it is going to be a ball valve. I go into the internet and I look what is available out there. I Googled concrete pumps for sale or whatever and then I look into what is available that does use a bold system. So now I see that Putzmeister offers TKB-30s, TKB-45s, TKB-60s, TKB-90s. TKB is basically a Thom-Katt with a ball system in the valve – TKB.

So I decide to go: “Oh, maybe now there is all these range of models, what do I do here?” “Now I need to know how much concrete realistically I can deliver?” So you start talking to some of these guys, some of these local contractors and say: “Normally, what do you pump per hour? How many yards?” Most of them will tell you and you come to a realization that maybe what you need is maybe 20 yards and hour to be comfortable, 30 yards and hour to be comfortable. You want to have that hump behind you. You want to be able to do the big job if somebody calls you. So you are going to be between 30 to 50 yards an hour. That’s where you want to be. So you go ahead and you buy a Putzmeister TKB-45.

This TKB-45 weighs about 6000 lbs so now the next thing you need to do is: “What kind of truck am I going to use for this thing? What kind of truck should I use? I mean, she weighs 6000 lbs. I definitely need something heavy duty, something like a 350 because not only am i going to carry this pump or I’m going to pull this pump, now I also have to carry a bunch of hose that is going to weigh a lot and probably I may want to carry a water tank. And since this is Florida, I definitely need a 4-wheel drive because everywhere there is sand in this place.”



So once you realize that, then you can now have a business model of where you want to go. Now, basically, you take the action. If you have the cash, then go ahead and start negotiating in different areas who has good quality equipment. That’s another thing that you do not want to get into — a used piece of equipment that somebody discarded because they don’t want to use it anymore. What you want is a used refurbished concrete pump because that might give you more peace of mind. Bear in mind that it is not going to be a perfect machine either but she is going to take away a lot of the headaches that you are going to get by buying something that someone doesn’t want.

So you need to make sure you buy a good quality piece of equipment. You need to make sure that you don’t get into trouble by buying a machine that is going to basically not be reliable for you. And maybe you are pumping 20 yards, 30 yards, and all of a sudden the damn thing stops and you don’t know what just happened because you are not knowledgeable enough. And you got 3 trucks now waiting for you and you are going to have to pay for those trucks. That is the last thing you want.

So you must acquire a good piece of equipment with a reputable company. And by reputable, I mean somebody who is not going to lie to you, someone who is going to be honest about what you are purchasing. Again, there are many companies out there. The best way would be to purchase new but not everyone can afford new. The second best, buy a refurbished, a restored concrete pump, a machine that you know someone stands behind the product — not just a piece of equipment that, God forbid, is going to basically leave you without money, is going to basically hurt you. You are not in the business to become a mechanic. You are in this business to seize the opportunity for this current rise.